Healthy Choices for Eating Out!

When eating out, it is hard to find really healthy choices.  Yes, some might think Subway is a healthy option but if you actually look at the calorie content, they are not that healthy!  Click here for Subway nutrition facts!   And McDonald’s, well we all know that that place is not healthy!

So what are some healthy choices for you teachers and well everyone else too?  Look no further than this blog post, I am here to share with healthy choices you can make while eathing out!

We all love pizza, right?  So how about a healthy pizza where your waistline reaps the rewards?  Well Domino’s now offers a healthy Aritsan menu and on that menu is the Tuscan Salami & Roasted Veggie Pizza.  With 300 calories, this will be a pizza you won’t regret eating!

A lot of people like Asian food, but we all know our local China Wok Buffet is not the healthiest option out there!  How about P.F. Chang’s?  The Buddha’s Feast Steamed Lunch with Rice is an great healthy choice of some yummy Asain food.  With 440 calories, this will be one yummy choice of Asian food that is stomach filling without the fattening MSG they use!

Yes I did say that McDonald’s wasn’t a healthy choice, but by doing some research on healthy eating out choices I discovered that a McDonald’s Hamburger has 250 calories.  Yes that may seem like a lot but a another burger at a popular fastfood chain has 1400 calories.  So yes this burger would be a great choice for you always on the go people who need something quick to pick up!

So there are just few of the many healthy choices for eathing out, you can find more if you visit CookLight.  So when you wanna go out to eat but eat healthy  just out that website and you will be set!


2 thoughts on “Healthy Choices for Eating Out!

  1. Great article! So true that so many people get sucked into thinking places like Subway are healthy alternatives when sometimes they are not. I really liked how you pointed out the calorie content of one McD’s hamburger. Good stuff!

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