What another cheat day?!?

Okay people, are you bored with your diet and craving some unhealthy foods?  Well today is the day to cheat!  If you don’t cheat every so often you eventually just break from you diet plan and eat like crazy!  So what I am posting today is going to well worth that cheat day you have bben waiting for!

Now what’s first, what yummy creation can you make for your cheat day?

First on the list of cheat day items to choose from is: Peanut Butter Banana Pie with Nutella!  Now I would so cheat to have this! I mean who doesn’t like peanut butter, bananas, or nutella? Am I right or am I right?  This pie just makes my mouth water and I want to run to the store, buy all the stuff and make it right now!!  Too bad I am at school and not at home, because I would be begging my mom to let my get the stuff to make it! You can find tons more yummy recipes on Andrea Meyers’ website!



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Now the second thing on the list is going to be pasta!! I absolutely love me some pasta!!  This is a recipe that I have been dying to make!!  One of my fave types of pasta is Chicken Fettuccine Alfredo and this recipe just sounds amazing!!

Crock Pot Chicken Fettuccine Alfredo


Now to the third thing and final cheat item!  Yes I do know that this sounds really weird but give it a try!! I know I want to try this recipe!

Braided Spaghetti Bread

braided spaghetti bread

STEPHANIE From plainchicken TUE, APR 05 2011

No please remember that I am not personally responsible if you go off your diet!


Portion Control

A lot of us have problems with portion control.  One major reason why is because we don’t all know what portion sizes of everything we eat!

I will be sharing with you today the 10 Secrets of Portion Control.


1.  Before Eating, Divide The Plate-  Divide it in half. Automatically fill one side with fruits or veggies, leaving the other half for equal portions of meat and a starch.


Photograph: Randy Mayor, Illustration: Brett Ryder

2. Pre-Portion Tempting Treats-  The bigger the package, the more food you’ll pour out of it. When two groups were given half- or 1-pound bags of candy to eat while watching TV, those given the 1-pound bag ate nearly twice as much.

3. Head Off The Mindless Munch-  Five minutes after eating at an Italian restaurant, 31 percent of people couldn’t remember how much bread they ate. If you’re worried you might do the same, have the bread removed from the table

4. Downsize The Dishes-  If you’re one of the 54 percent of Americans who eat until their plates are clean, make sure those plates are modestly sized. Smaller plates equal smaller portions.

5.  Limit Your Choices- The more options you have, the more you want to try. So limit your options, you’ll limit the amount you eat.

6. Use Your Power For Good- The person who chooses food, buys it, and prepares it wields power. If that’s you, take advantage of it. Make sure your family is eating healthier.

7.  Avoid A See Food Diet-  Office workers who kept candy in clear dishes on their desks dipped in for a sample 71 percent more often than those who kept their candy out of sight. So hide your candy, because necessarily you may not want to share your candy!

8.  Turn Off The Television- The Vast Wasteland leads to vast waists. It’s not just the couch-sitting. TV distracts you from how much you’re eating, and the more you watch, the more you’re likely to eat. You are a mindless muncher when you are indulges into a tv show and you tend to eat more then usual.

9.  Think Before You Drink- Drink more water, because with water you don’t need portion control.

10.  Serve Good-For-You Foods Family-Style- Not all portion-control strategies are about eating less. You can have as much as you want of some foods. Make sure to place good foods in arms reach. Your family is more likely to what is closer to them.

So there you have it 10 easy steps you can take to controlling those portions!

To find more on these tips go to CookingLight.com

Weight loss Apps: Do they really help?

Loosing weight is hard, tracking what you eat is too!  So how about smartphone apps that can help you do both?  Well there are definitely some apps for that!!  

Fooducate is one app that helps you track what you eat and the exercise you do.  The app rates what you eat with a letter grade.  This helps you see what is truly bad for you.  If you would like to know more about this APP click app!  I will say that I personally use this app and I love being able to search what I eat and find it on there!  Also I like see the grade I get.  The app looks like the picture below, there is a free and paid version.


It doesn’t matter if you are an Android or Iphone user, there a so many apps you can choose from with both types of phones.  On the plus side a lot of these apps have free versions.  So you can feel great about not spending a bunch of money on something like Jenny Craig, and still see great results!