Weight loss Apps: Do they really help?

Loosing weight is hard, tracking what you eat is too!  So how about smartphone apps that can help you do both?  Well there are definitely some apps for that!!  

Fooducate is one app that helps you track what you eat and the exercise you do.  The app rates what you eat with a letter grade.  This helps you see what is truly bad for you.  If you would like to know more about this APP click app!  I will say that I personally use this app and I love being able to search what I eat and find it on there!  Also I like see the grade I get.  The app looks like the picture below, there is a free and paid version.


It doesn’t matter if you are an Android or Iphone user, there a so many apps you can choose from with both types of phones.  On the plus side a lot of these apps have free versions.  So you can feel great about not spending a bunch of money on something like Jenny Craig, and still see great results!


2 thoughts on “Weight loss Apps: Do they really help?

  1. The link you have leads to a good site. I would like to have seen some other app options on this post, but I guess it does leave room for you to post more later though.

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